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10 Things to know that He is In deep love with you

Figuring out whether or not someone is falling in love with you should never be confusing. If deep down you are not sure, the truth is that he is probably not as interested.

Following are some ways to notice that he is relay loving you a lot.

1. He Always makes time for you.
He might be in college, have a job, family obligations, friends and interests in life, but if he is falling for you, he will always make time for you.

2. He looks at you a lot while being with you.
A guy who likes you will look at your face when he is talking to you. He will go out of his way to look at you when you guys are sitting together instead of looking away.

3. He finds ways to touch you.
One dead giveaway that he is falling for you is when he places his hand on your lower back when you guys are together ( not in a creepy way).

4. He is open to trying new things with you.
If he is falling for you he will be happy to try new things that you like. It could be activities, dance, movies, music, etc.

5. He will always keep his word.
If he says he is going to text you, he will. If he says he is going to see you, he will. If he says he will do something, he will.

6. He notices little details about you from the beginning.
If he is really falling for you, he will remember little quirks about you. It could be the way you say something or a certain sound you make when you are excited.

7. He will want to meet your family and friends.
If he is falling for you, he will be very interested in meeting the family and friends (or any other important people) in your life because he knows that they are important to you.

8. He will want to take care of you.
And I don’t mean that in a “damsel in distress” kind of way. He will remember to do little things that make your life easier.

9. He will do things to make you happy.
Whenever anyone falls for someone, a part of them becomes selfless to other peoples’ needs.

10. He will kiss your forehead.
A sure sign that he has fallen for you is if he kisses you on the forehead. A forehead kiss is more genuine than a kiss on the cheek.

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