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Are you on First Date ?? Avoid 9 Questions | Must read

When your nerves get the best of you, it’s easy to blurt out something weird in the heat of the moment. That’s why it’s good to prepare yourself and know what questions or topics to avoid early on.

Your First dates can be nerve-wracking. Understandably so: You just never know if the two of you will hit it off or not. What if the chemistry isn’t there? What if the conversation just isn’t flowing?

“So do ask questions that give them an open door to share more about themselves. Just stay clear of explosive and too personal topics like politics, religion and money.”

So what questions should you be avoiding on your First Date ??

1. ‘Why did your last relationship end?’
It’s generally better to keep the tone of the evening upbeat, rather than dredge up potentially painful memories.

2. ‘Why are you still single?’
“There is nothing wrong with being single”

3. ‘How many people have you slept with?’
avoiding asking anything sexual on the first date.

4. ‘How much money do you make?’
Even if you’re asking purely out of curiosity, seeking out this information may make your potential suitor doubt your intentions and relationship priorities.

5. ‘Where do you see this relationship heading?’
“Remember this is a first date And Its just a strarting.”

6 ‘What was your most embarrassing moment?’
“No one on a first date wants to talk about their most embarrassing moment.”

7. ‘Do you want kids?’
“If your date brings it up, it’s OK to talk about it, but bringing it up yourself has an air of desperation that will put your date off,”

8. ‘Who’s your hot friend?’
Keep your attention focused on the lovely person sitting across from you instead.

9. ‘Are you attracted to me?’
This might give them the impression that you are needy for reassurance and lacking in self-confidence.

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